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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is "Living room concert" ?


Living room concert is a "delivery service" for live music. The same way you order your favourite pizza to your home - we also come with our instruments and provide high quality performance just for you!


2. Do I need some equipment ?


No, all you need is a living room, or simply a room big enough for you and two musicians. We bring our own acoustic instruments, they dont need any electrification. You can even make the light in the room more intimate, as we have little lamps on our music stands.


3. How much space do I need ?


Standard size living room is big enough to fit the audience (thats you!) and 2 musicians with the instruments. We need approximately 2x1,5m space. Please remember to include at least 2m distance between us and your sitting position.


4. What happens if I booked a concert and my plans change ?


Once you booked a date for the concert and paid, our time is reserved specially for you in our calendar. If for example you get sick or have a change in the working plan, please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to move the concert to another date.


5. Is it safe ?


Our living room concerts are limited for 5 guests (exception for bigger families living together). From the moment we get out of the car, we put on FFP2 masks and keep them on until we are out of your building. Please follow our protection rules: we kindly ask you to give the room a good airing 10 min before the concert, also we kindly ask you to wear a mask during the time we are in your living room. In this way we protect each other and bring any risk to a minimum. Of course, by any indication of being sick from our or your side, we find a new date for the concert.


6. Which program should I choose ?

If you are not sure, our suggestion is to select the “Mix” program. It includes a variety of pieces and songs of different styles - so that everyone finds for sure something he/she likes.

7. I would like to give a concert to someone else as a present, what should I do ?

You can simply buy a Gift Card for a concert. After receiving the payment, we send you the Gift Card, which you can give further as a present to any person. Then the person can select the date and programme which suits them.

8. Does the Gift Card have an expiring date ?

Yes, if you bought your Gift Card during the Special Offer time, it's expiring date is the 31.03.2021.

9. We live further than 25km from Zürich, could we also order a concert ?

Yes, for a fair fee - depending on the distance from Zürich, we will come to play for you, even if you live further. Please contact us with the information where do you live.

10. Can I make pictures/videos during the concert ?

Yes, this performance is just for you. If you wish to make a picture or short video to have a nice memory of this special occasion, feel free to do it !

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